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About Guides

Who can be a Guide?

Any girl aged 10 and over can be a Guide

How often do they meet?

Most units meet once a week during school term for about an hour and a half. There are lots of opportunities for your daughter to take part in activities and events at the weekend or during the holidays. Many units go away on holiday or to camp for up to a week.

What will it cost?

Guide units charge 'subs' to cover costs like equipment and the meeting place, and these are usually paid termly. The Guider will let you know the amount as well as how and when to pay. For events like camps, holidays, days or evenings out or weekend trips an extra charge is usually made..

Guide Leaders

The adult in charge of a unit is called the Unit Guider. She is an unpaid volunteer and is usually helped by one or more Assistant Guiders. All Guiders undergo Guide Association training. There is at least one adult for every 12 girls.


Each Guide is a member of a Patrol made up of four to eight girls. A Patrol plans and carries out its own activities with the support of the Guide Guider so that each Guide has a role in deciding what they do. Patrols elect their own Patrol Leaders.

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